Public Procurement Profiler - Essentials


Welcome to your free, simple checklist which will help you to identify whether you have the essentials in place for a structured approach to public procurement.

Below you will find 20 statements which you need to answer True or False. This should take around 15 minutes.

On completion you will receive a report confirming your approach to public procurement and giving an overview of the consequences of this for your agency.

For a more detailed self-assessment which identifies the specific model of public procurement you are using and helps you to identify the steps you can take to enhance the way you are procuring, please visit the Public Procurement Profiler – Self Assessment.


1. We have procurement policies in place

2. We carry out supply management risk assessment

3. Supply market intelligence assessments carried out

4. Evidence of a procurement planning process exists

5. Procurement decisions are governed by a documented procurement policy

6. There is a process for monitoring ‘Maverick Spending’

7. The procurement function is recognized as a distinct function

8. Formal procurement processes exist

9. Principles of spend analysis are applied to procurement planning and practice

10. Procurement processes are monitored

11. Procurement staff receive training and have a documented training plan

12. Procurement activity is aligned to the agency strategy

13. There is a recognizable leader of the procurement function

14. Sustainable procurement is considered in procurement decisions

15. Procurement decisions are made in conjunction with other departments

16. Communication takes place between the procurement function and key suppliers

17. IT systems are used to manage procurement process

18. There are formal policies that define the practice of contract management

19. A program of continuous improvement is actively pursued

20. Sanctions exist for breaches of ethical rules